All of our classes are suited for beginners. Please notify your instructor if you are new to yoga. Please also make your instructor aware of any physical limitations you might be experiencing. 

Hatha Yoga: Start with a series of gentle warm-up stretches that connect movement to breath. Some classes include a moderately paced flow with variations for all levels, with some inversion time and an extended savasna. In this class you will create a strong foundation in posture alignment with emphasis on body awareness. You will come to love, honor and respect your body wherever you are at. 

Vinyasa Flow/ Gentle Flow: Yoga that connects one asana to another, unifying the breath and movement.

Chakra Yoga: Hatha yoga with a strong emphasis on pranic breathing and movements designed to open the energetic channels (chakras) of the subtle body.

Early Bird Yoga: An invigorating early morning yoga practice with a focus on proper body alignment. 

Essential Flow: A gentle but energizing sequence of vinyasa yoga, combined with breathwork, stretching and essential oils. This class will infuse you with energy and optimism that will last all day long! All levels welcome, including beginners.

Restorative Yoga: A series of yin yoga poses, many supported by props, combined with deep releasing stretches and light bodywork in a room lit by soft candlelight. You will leave class feeling longer, lighter, more refreshed and well rested.

Private Sessions: Custom-designed one-on-one sessions with an experienced instructor. Private sessions are a great way for beginners to get comfortable with the practices of yoga before joining our group classes. Price: $60.00- $75.00 per hour. Please call the studio for instructor availability.